RESEARCH Research in ProgressMobile Caching Network (MoCANet) for 6G or Beyond

Mobile Caching Network (MoCANet) for 6G or Beyond

According to recent research, it is forecast that at least a 100x network capacity increase will be required to meet the mobile traffic demands in 2020. Moreover, mobile video streaming will account for 72% of the overall mobile data traffic. In order to meet the mobile traffic demands in future, it is essential to change current wireless communication paradigm which is heavily relying on bandwidth to meet capacity requirement. MoCANet (Wireless Caching Access Network) is a new wireless communication network which can increase the capacity of network by minimizing unnecessary wireless transmissions by using storage of terminal without relying on increase of wireless bandwidth. The UEs efficiently process arbitrary signals received in the periphery to selectively store necessary contents with a mutually cooperative and distributed storage technique for sharing a large amount of contents with a limited storage capacity of UEs. Our projects aims at design of MoCANet architecture and system modeling, development of key networking technologies, global standard development to be evolved into beyond 5G & 6G and implementation of a prototype system.


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