Graduation Degree Name Dissertation Title Current Affiliation
2024/2 MS/Ph.D Minsig Han (한민식) Deep Learning-based Transceiver Design with Grant-Free and Non-Orthogonal Access Approach for Massive Connectivity Samsung Research
2024/2 MS Taehun Kim (김태훈) Transformer-based Indoor Localization System TJ Labs
2022/2 MS/Ph. D Jae Won Lee (이재원) Advanced Multi-antenna Systems for Mobile Communications: Low Complexity and System Level Evaluation Samsung Research
2023/2 MS Chang S. Yu (유창수) A Study on Deep Learning-based Indoor Localization Technology TJ Labs
2020/8 PH. D Yang Chan Seok (양찬석) Design and Implementation of Medium Access Control Protocol for Full Frequency Reuse in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing System Samsung (Network)
2020/8 MS/Ph. D Ameha T. Abebe Enabling Massive and Low-latency Access (mLLA) in Mobile Communication Systems: Grant-free and Non-orthogonal Access Approach. Samsung Research
2019/2 MS Kim Sun (김선) Dynamic Band Selection in Enhanced License-Assisted Access (eLAA) Systems using Deep Q-Learning Samsung (System LSI)
2019/2 MS/PH. D Cho Kumin (조구민) Stochastic Geometry-based Performance Analysis for Millimeter Wave Mobile Communication Networks Samsung (Network)
2017/2 PH. D Hwang Sun Han(황선한) Software-based Platform and Power Allocation for Multiple Receivers in Wireless Power Transfer System IITP
2017/8 MS/PH. D Choi Yongin (최용인) Design & Optimization for Multi-user MIMO-based Mobile Broadband Communication Systems Samsung (System LSI)
2016/2 MS Kim Icheon (김이천) Design of Multi-user MIMO Systems for mobile communication: feedback & beamforming schemes Samsung (System LSI)
2014/8 MS Jung Won Moo (정원무) Discovery Performance and Outage Analysis for D2D Communication in a Cellular System LG Elec.
2014/8 MS Park Kwon Yeol (박권열) Channel Allocation and CQI Reporting Scheme for Broadcast/Multicast Device-to-Device Communication Samsung (Systerm LSI)
2014/8 MS Yang Chan Seok (양찬석) Cell-Association for HetNet & Inter-cell Cooperative Scheduling for Carrier Aggregation in Cellular System Samsung (Network)
2014/8 PH. D Qu Xin (Cherry) Analysis and Design on Interference Alignment and Cancellation in Multiple Access Channel UNISOC Communications, China
2014/8 PH. D Kang Hye Joong (강혜중) Spatially Integrated Densely Enhanced Relay System for Next Generation Mobile Communication: Performance Analysis and Optimization Samsung (Mobile)
2014/2 MS Wijanarko Joko Hastyo High Definition Voice (HD-Voice) Over LTE Network: Algorithm and Testbed Indonesia Government
2013/2 MS Kim Jin-wook (김진욱) Design and Analysis of Synchronous MAC for OFDM-D2D Communication Samsung Elec.
2012/2 MS/PH. D Kim Jin Woo (김진우) MIMO Technologies for Mobile Broadband Cellular System: Retransmition, Scheduling and Inter-cell Interference Mitigation Samsung (Mobile)
2011/2 PH. D Ryu Hyun Seok (류현석) Desing and Performance Analysis of Relay-Enhanced Celluar System for Mobile Broadband Services Samsung Research
2011/2 MS Lee Jun Suk (이준석) nter-cell Cooperation Power Allocation Scheme for Relay-enhanced Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System LG Elec.
2010/2 MS Yoon Hyun Seo (윤현서) Energy-efficient Adaptive Handover Scheme for Inter-RAT Mobility in Heterogeneous Networks Samsung Elec.
2010/2 MS Jung Eui Chang (정의창) Handover Gateway System: A Cell-edge Performance Booster for Next Geberation Cellular Mobile Network Samsung (Network)
2010/2 MS Lee Byung Jun (이병준) System-lever Performance and Multi-user MIMO Scheduling Algorithm for Cellular MIMO-OFDMA LG Elec.
2009/2 MS Park Sun Mi (박선미) Studies on Constellation Rearrangement(CoRe) for Joint Log-Likelihood Ratio (LLR)0Optimized Diversity Samsung Elec.
2008/2 MS Park Young Jin (박영진) A Study on Complexity-Reduction and Opportunistic Feedback Scheme for Efficient Packet Scheduling in Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems LG Elec.
2009/08 MS Kang Hye Jooing (강혜중) Samsung (Mobile)
2008/2 MS Min Tae Young (민태영) Multi-phase Predictive Scheduling for Multichannel System and Its Application to Cellular OFDMA Systems for Broadband Mobile Internet Access Samsung (Mobile)
2008/2 MS Kim Tae-wan (김태완) Packet Scheduling Scheme for Load Balancing in Multi-hop Relay System Samsung Thales
2008/2 MS Kang Sung Min (강성민) A Study on Zone-Based Scheduling and Power Control for Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Network Samsung (Comsumer Electronics)
2007/8 MS Lee Dae Young (이대영) Design and Analysis of Packet Scheduling Algorithm for Multi-user MIMO-OFDM System
2007/2 MS Park Kyungmi (박경미) A Study on Mobile Multihop Relay Scheme for Performance Enhancement in Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems Agency for Defense Development
2006/8 PH. D Yun Sang Boh (윤상보) Hybrid Division Duplexing Scheme and Radio Resource Management for Next Generation Mobile Communication System Samsung (Network)
2006/8 MS Kim Pil Keun (김필근) A Study on Duplex and Mobile Multihop Relay Scheme for Performance Enhancement in Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems Samsung (Network)
2006/8 MS Kim Keun Hyun (김근현) A Study on Beacon Scheduling in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks and Media Access Control Protocol for Cognitive Radio Systems SK Telecom
2006/2 MS Ryu Hyeon Suk (류현석) Samsung (Network)
2006/2 MS Jin-Mo Ku (구진모) The Implementation for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems and A Study on Adaptive Delay Threshold-based Priority Queueing Packet Scheduling Scheme Telecom.Technology Association
2006/2 MS Park Si Hyun (박시현) A Study on Antenna Scheduling-based MIMO-HARQ Scheme And AMC Design Scheme with Truncated HARQ Samsung (Network)
2006/2 MS Park Hyung Ho (박형호) A Study on Iterative Detection and Decoding with Partial Sphere Decoding for MIMO-based Spartial Multiplexing Systems LG Elec.
2006/2 MS Chang Kisuk (장기석) Media Access Control Protocol using single channel for cluster based hierarchical wireless sensor networks and performance analysis Samsung (Consumer Electronics)
2006/2 MS Choi Ji Young (최지영) Study on Energy-Efficient Clustering Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks LG Elec.
2005/2 MS Rho Wi Sang (노위상) A Study on Modulation Scheme with Differential Phase Transition-based Diversity for a Rayleigh Fading Channel Korea Telecom
2005/2 MS Ryu Jae Kyung (류재경) Design and Analysis of MAC Protocols based on a Simplified Spatial Reuse Scheme in Wireless Personal Area Networks Samsung Electronics
2005/8 MS Kang Wook Sik (강우식) (Samsung Electronics)
2005/2 MS Lee Jung Hwan (이정환) A Study on Increasing the Capacity and Performance Analysis for Wireless Broadband Internet Access System Samsung Elec.
2005/2 MS Han Kwang Hee (한광희) Adaptive Singular Value Tracking Scheme in MIMO-TDD System Samsung (Mobile)
2005/2 MS Ko Bum Il (고범일) Opportunistic Beamforming-based Spatial Multiplexing Transmission Scheme and Performance Analysis Samsung (Mobile)
2005/2 PH. D Kim Dong-Hoi (김동회) Wireless Packet Scheduling Schemes for QoS-supported Mixed Services in Mobile Broadband Access System Kangwon Univ.
2004/8 MS Shin Seung Yong (신승영) On the Study of Optimal Design of Multi-band UWB Frequency Hopping Pattern and Single-band UWB Time Hopping Pattern LG Elec.
2005/2 MS Joon Ho Sohn (손준호) Samsung Electronics
2004/8 MS Ahn Eun Jung (안은정) A Study on Packet Scheduling Scheme and Performance Analysis for Broadband Mobile Internet Access Systems Samsung (Network)
2004/2 MS Choi Soo Ki (최수기) On the Design of Spatial Multiplexing(MIMO) Technologies for Broadband Radio Transmissions Qualcomm, USA
2004/2 MS Kim Sa Jin (김사진) Design and Analysis of Routing and MAC Protocols based on Power Measurements in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks IITP
2004/2 MS Lee Dong Geun (이동근) Studies On Transmit Antenna Selection-Based MIMO System with Per Antenna Rate Control LG Elec.
2003/8 PH. D Hong Seung Eun (홍승은) Design and Performance Analysis of MAC Protocols for QOS Guarantee in Broadband Wireless Access Networks ETRI
2003/2 MS Lim Dong Sun (임동선) LDPC-code based Adaptive Hybrid ARQ protocol for Broadband Wireless Network Samsung Elec.
2003/2 MS Kim Won Soo (김원수) Design and Analysis of QoS guaranteed MAC Protocol over Broadband Wireless LAN Texas Instrument, USA
2003/2 MS Il-Whan Kim (김일환) Korea Telecom
2003/2 MS Jang Il-Seon (장일선) A Study on packet scheduling scheme and performance Analysis for Broadband Mobile Internet access systems LG Elec.
2003/2 MS Roh Kwan-Hee (노관휘) Studies on Performance Enhancement for Dynamic Packet Assignement in mobile Communication System based on Wideband OFDMA Samsung Elec.
2003/2 MS Choi Joong Cheon (최중천) An iterative receiver with joint data detection and channel estimation for parallel LDPC based wireless OFDM System (Own Business)
2002/8 MS Yoon Sangbum (윤상범) Receiver Design for OFDM based IEEE 802.11a Wireless LAN systems LG Innotek
2002/8 MS Yu Zhicheng (유지성) Transmission Scheduling Algotithm with cell loading Control in a DS/CDMA Cellular System CATT, China
2002/2 MS Kim Jung Ho (김정호) Performance comparison and analysis of transmit diversity in next generation wireless communication systems LG Elec.
2002/2 MS Lee Jae Wook (이재욱) Design & implementation of network access point for supporting bluetooth IP host handoff Samsung Elec.
2002/2 MS Kim Hyeong Seok (김형석) Performance comparison of ad hoc routing protocols in bluetooth scatternet Samsung Elec.
2002/2 PH. D Park Seung Young (박승영) OFDM-based Spatial Multiplexing Technologies for Broadband Radio Transmission Kangwon Univ.
2001/2 MS Kim Sung Kyung (김성경) A Study on the Management and Dynamic Allocation of Radio Resource for the Packet Data Services in CDMA-based Systems ETRI
2000/8 MS Ahn Chang Wook (안창욱) Design of Network Control Protocols for Integrated Voice and Data Services in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks K-JIST
2000/2 MS Hwang Young Woo (황영우) Design of adaptive predistorter and its analysis for the next generation communicaition systems Orange Logic
1999/8 MS Shin Hwan Wook (신환욱) Performance Analysis of Frequency Domain Decision Feedback Equalizer in Multipath Rayleigh Fading Channel (Own Business)
2000/2 MS Ahn Dal Joon (안달준) (Anam Telecom)
1999/2 MS Hwang Min Jae (황민재) A study on Design and Implementation of Medium Access Control Protocol in Wireless ATM Networks LG Elec.
1998/2 MS Park Seung Young (박승영) Kangwon National University
1999/2 MS Kim Yong Jin (김용진) Integrated Voice and Data Services in CDMA Networks Hyundai Mobis
1999/2 MS Park Dong Jun (박동준) An implementation of of the adaptive viterbi decoder LG Elec.
1998/2 MS Hong Joon Young (홍준영) Korea Telecom
1998/2 MS Choi Kyung Ho (최경호) General Structure of Rate-Compatible Turbo Codes and Interleaver Design National Intelligence Service
1998/2 MS Jung Kyung Soo (장경수) Analysis on the Capacity of DS/CDMA Cellular System with Dynamic Power Control SK Telecom
1997/8 MS Hwang Sun Han (황선한) Performance analysis of interference cancellation schemes for DS/CDMA system IITP