RESEARCH Research in ProgressMassive Connectivity and Low-latency Communication for Industrial IoT

Massive Connectivity and Low-latency Communication for Industrial IoT

Radio access design for fifth generation (5G) mobile communications is diverse, and has seemingly contradictory requirements, ranging from high spectral efficiency in enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) communications to sub-millisecond radio access latency in ultra-reliable and low latency communication (uRLLC), in addition to support of massive connectivity in machine-type communication (mMTC). With the envisioned adoption of machine-type communication, such as in auto-generated software update/reconfiguration, network command, and mobile autonomous reporting (MAR) in the Internet of Things (IoTs), new random and medium access techniques should be considered. Aiming at providing immediate channel access, grant-free random access (GF-RA), in which users transmit data, including control signaling in a single shot, without waiting for radio resource assignment, has received significant attention in recent years. Our objective in this project, is to design a grant-free random access GF-RA, including one shot channel estimation and synchronization, which supports massive connectivity while reducing access delay time and control signal overhead. Our-approach includes non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA)-based channel access, compressive-sensing based joint channel-estimation, synchronization and multi-user detection.


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