RESEARCH Research in ProgressUnlicensed Spectrum Access and Sharing Technologies for 5G System

Unlicensed Spectrum Access and Sharing Technologies for 5G System

Recently, a study item on NR-based unlicensed access (NR-U) was approved by 3GPP in march 2017. NR-U, with underlying unlicensed band CCs with wider bandwidth (e.g., 80 or 100MHz), will also reduce the implementation complexity for both eNB and UE, compared to carriers of smaller bandwidth, when moving to address larger amount of spectrum, something that we consider inevitable for those scenarios where multi-Gbps data rates need to be achieved. In line with NR development and in order to maximize the applicability of NR-U, beneficial studying solutions applicable to sub-6GHz and above 6GHz unlicensed bands (e.g., 37/60GHz) is considered. In the same vein, this study looks into scenarios and solutions where NR-LAA is anchored to a legacy LTE carrier by dual-connectivity (DC) similar to the NSA mode of regular NR operation, as well as CA-based aggregation with a 5G NR anchor. Furthermore, standalone operation is also considered. Our project focus to secure IPR and develop the key elements for PHY/MAC/RRM layers in the 5G NR-U. In addition, we aim to 5G unlicensed band sharing technique for ensuring the coexistence among various homogeneous/heterogeneous systems in the below and above-6GHz unlicensed bands.


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